• From the R&D phase through to licensing, high added value technological projects carried out by pharmaceutical companies, are optimally protected: document access rights management, real time consultation monitoring, watermark creation, etc.
  • The questions and answers module, annotations, sharing of personal documents and new document warnings, are all collaborative tools that improve the work done amongst members of a team in the dataroom.

Our support team assists you at each and every step

Free yourself from document management. Our technical consultants will accompany your project 24/7.

  • Are all types of documents accepted?

    Yes. The viewer that enables document viewing online, works primarily with PDF documents, but also accepts Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats, as well as images. Any other document type can be opened by downloading the file to the user’s computer.

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  • Can we interrupt and then restart a dataroom?

    A dataroom can be put in standby mode and restarted later. Also, when a dataroom is closed, the contents and activity reports are exported and sent to you upon request.

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  • Can access rights to documents be customized by user?

    Access rights for viewing, printing and downloading documents are configured by team or by individual. For each user, you can provide or deny access to any folder or sub-folder in your directory structure. This provides you with total freedom in assigning access rights.

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  • Is the dataroom secure enough to prevent confidential data from being leaked?

    The access rights assigned to documents can vary by user to ensure optimal security when viewing, downloading and printing them. A custom watermark can be defined to prevent the leaking of confidential information. Finally, real-time activity reports provide information about documents viewed by users invited into the dataroom.

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