An adapted service to all types of projects

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The service is suitable for all types of projects
The support department assists you every step along the way


  • Administrator accounts
  • Custom watermark
  • Creation of the directory structure
  • Document modification and optimization


  • Building teams
  • Assigning access rights
  • Sending invitations


  • Changing access rights
  • Adding documents
  • Adding users


  • Activity report
  • Exporting contents on CD
  • Dataroom storage in standby mode

What is a dataroom?

  • Transferring large files, sharing information, working in teams, securing delivery. Businesses face many challenges and an electronic dataroom makes it easy to manage them all!
  • A dataroom allows you to create document databases instantly regardless of the type or number of documents. It secures, accelerates and simplifies the sharing and dissemination of sensitive or confidential information. Our support department is available 24/7

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