• Using a dataroom as part of asset disposal activities increases the number of potential buyers because the service is available at all times and from any location simply by logging on to the Internet.
  • Data confidentiality is guaranteed through the features of the electronic dataroom: document access rights management, real time consultation monitoring, watermark creation, etc.
  • You control user activity in the dataroom and you can focus on the parties most interested in the deal using real-time statistical reports.
  • In addition, business specialists, auditors and lawyers in the dataroom, will enjoy a service that is perfectly adapted to closing, which includes the ability to export documents to CD-ROM at the time of sale.

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  • Can we load any document format in the dataroom?

    All types of documents are accepted. The viewer that enables document viewing online, works primarily with PDF documents, but also accepts Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats, as well as images. Any other document type can be opened by downloading the file to the user’s computer.

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  • Is it possible to temporarily suspend a project and save the contents?

    A dataroom can be put in standby mode and restarted later. Also, when a dataroom is closed, the contents and activity reports are exported and sent to you upon request.

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  • How does using a dataroom guarantee data security?

    The access rights assigned to documents can vary by user to ensure optimal security when viewing, downloading and printing them. A custom watermark can be defined to prevent the leaking of confidential information. Finally, real-time activity reports provide information about documents viewed by users invited into the dataroom.

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