• By sharing all or part of the transfer dataroom with  external auditors (consultants, lawyers), you structure procedures seamlessly with users who avail of a central document home.
  • M&A stakeholders  have temporary or permanent access to the electronic dataroom and only consult the documents to which they have access.
  • Administrators control user activity and can view user activity thanks to real-time statistical updates.
  • In addition, business specialists, auditors and lawyers  benefit from a service that is perfectly adapted to closing ,which includes the ability to export documents to CD-ROM at the time of sale.

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  • Are activity reports available at any time?

    For dataroom administrators, the activity report module provides real-time access to encrypted data relating to the business: user logins, document viewing, etc.

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  • How are users' access rights differentiated?

    Permission for viewing, printing and downloading documents is configured by team or by individual. For each user, you can provide or deny access to any folder or sub-folder in your directory structure. This provides you with total freedom in assigning access rights.

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  • How can you be sure that your confidential data has not been leaked?

    The access rights assigned to documents can vary by user to ensure optimal security when viewing, downloading and printing them. A custom watermark can be defined to prevent the leaking of confidential information. Finally, real-time activity reports provide information about documents viewed by users invited into the dataroom.

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  • Is my data protected from the U.S. Patriot Act?

    The servers are located in France and are not subject to potential monitoring by the NSA under the U.S. Patriot Act.

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