• The use of a dataroom in an employment context allows you to immediately comply with the employment security law: All information on the major economic and social policies of the company is made available to personnel representatives.
  • The functions that are unique to the electronic dataroom allow you to control the level of distribution and manage permissions for different types of document users.
  • You can set up automatic or specific alerts to optimize the distribution of your updated documents.

The support department assists you every step along the way

Free yourself from document management. Our technical consultants accompany you 24/7.

  • Can the dataroom be started quickly?

    Our teams load your Employment Dataroom and create authorized permissions. In less than 2 hours your database is operational and accessible to all members of the works committee, and/or staff representatives, members of the company’s general committee, the CHSWC and union representatives.

  • Can access be restricted to documents to a part of the dataroom?

    Access rights for viewing, printing and downloading documents are configured by team or by individual. For each user, you can provide or deny access to any folder or sub-folder in your directory structure. This provides you with total freedom in assigning access rights.

  • Is my data protected from the U.S. Patriot Act?

    The servers are located in France and are not subject to potential monitoring by the NSA under the U.S. Patriot Act.

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